Cacapon Resort State Park Commemorative Bench Project

Your Spot… Your Words…Your Memories

So Why a Bench Project?

Great question-and we’re happy to answer…Cacapon Resort State Park has been bestowed with countless gifts-but sadly, benches are not one of them. So many visitors to Cacapon have a long history with the Park including family reunions, countless childhood adventures, weddings-so many happy memories! We have been asked numerous times over the years if a commemorative bench could be purchased at Cacapon. The connection between the requests for commemorative benches and the Park’s ever-increasing need for benches has become clearer every day. And so, this bench project was born. How long will it last? The Park administrators have determined that 50 benches will fill the need here at Cacapon and then the project will end. Now you know the “what” of this project…the “why” is up to you.

What Makes This Bench Special?

Aahh-they are special for many reasons: they are 4’ long, eco-friendly as they are made from recycled plastic (these benches have been tested and bears don’t nibble on them-as they do others-it’s true!). They are made in the USA, weigh 87 lbs., are maintenance free, attractive and durable enough for all the seasons at Cacapon. But what makes them really special are your very own words that will be inscribed with raised letters on a solid bronze plaque that will be affixed to the bench. Those words, your memories, the bench and the plaque will remain in your selected spot at Cacapon for decades.

Where in the Park can I place a bench?

A number of areas in the Park that have been identified as being especially in need of a bench. These areas are where folks tend to gather and would welcome a comfy bench: upper lake, lower lake, picnic areas (in the vicinity of the gazebo), playground, and dog park. The way this works is that you would identify your spot and we will do our very best to make it happen according to the needs of Cacapon. We all will work very hard to make your perfect spot, our perfect spot.

Should I Be Afraid To Ask How Much? When can I sit on the bench?

To be honest, we really struggled with this part. We did a LOT of research and found that municipalities with bench projects in surrounding states have a lot of variation in costs, some as high as $5,000. The cost for a commemorative bench at Cacapon State Park is $1500. This covers everything-the bench, bronze plaque and installation and will remain in place along with your words and memories in your beautiful Cacapon State Park for decades to come. And if you’d like-you can be there when it is set in place!

What are the Steps? ‘Is there a form for that’?

We really try to keep things simple. But yes, like everywhere else, we have forms too. You can find the order form on our website or Facebook page. You can submit the form and payment through our website or print it out and mail it with a check. All of the addresses are below. When we receive your order, we will be in touch with you right away to let you know we have received it and explain the next step which will be our sending you the form for creating your plaque inscription. We will be in touch with you every step of the way. It is difficult to tell you exactly how long it takes from order to installation-so much depends on busy/slow seasons, pandemics, weather-you get it-we’ll certainly not drag things on our end… Best guess is 2-3 months.

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